The Woman Who Ate Chinatown: A San Francisco Odyssey

By Shirley Fong-Torres

Contact: or 650.355.9657

year of the ratTake a tour through San Franciscoís delicious, vibrant, and historic Chinese neighborhood and Oaklandís Chinatown with television chef and culinary humorist Shirley Fong-Torres.

Book Description

For over two decades Shirley Fong-Torres and her Wok Wiz Team has guided 20,000 visitors a year through San Franciscoís Chinatown. This book shows why so many keep coming back for more. Itís Chinese-American history with a bottomless appetite for quirky anecdotes, respected traditions and exquisite dumplings.

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Reviews for "The Woman Who Ate Chinatown"


"I love Shirley Fong-Torres. Her effervescence and passion make her irresistible. If she writes a book I’ll buy it, if she hosts a tour, I’ll take it, if she recommends a restaurant I’ll eat there."

Gene Burns, KGO, San Francisco


"Shirley Fong-Torres knows San Francisco’s Chinatown better than anyone…She’s downloaded a chunk of what she knows in this book, filled with great information and a touching account of her family history."

Michael Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle


"I thought I knew San Francisco Chinatown, that is, until I met Shirley." —Martin Yan, YAN CAN COOK "Shirley Fong-Torres has a contagious love of life, people, place and food…I am rapt by her stories, energized by her passion and touched by her spirit."

Joey Altman, BAY CAFE


"This is Shirley Fong-Torres, a very bossy woman. But if you want to do business in San Francisco Chinatown you have to deal with her. She knows everybody and everything."

—Comedian Martin Clune


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